Sunday, 20 July 2014

Humour's downhill slide


Warning: Obscene language.

   Just what's going on with sex? Why does social media give the impression that we've now reached the stage of living in a realised Sodom and Gomorrah?
   To clarify, I'm NOT asking WHY, but WHEN did we arrive at the point of needing to be so very verbally vile?
   On a daily basis, I find it increasingly difficult to continue following some accounts for their wit, interesting content and insights, when they also seem to think it very necessary to post extreme smut.
   I've always tried to be as broadminded as the rest, and I fully accept that certain personalities and circumstances are a persistent source of particular levels. However, these sources now appear to have begun saturating further into societal mainstreams -- or maybe it was always there and not previously seen as being so widespread.
   How sad that the basis for this genre is so very contained in its point of offensive ridicule -- that basis being the two bodies of differing biological organs needed for the purpose of reproduction.
   Mathematically speaking, the entire number of organ and appendage differences is such a standard layout, that it's amazing so many continue to try applying offensive humour, when it should be obvious to all that the verbal diversity there is really limited.
   And before leaving my pedestal, allow me to comment on a mere three of the words used often in these failed attempts at total originality.....                                     
Tit: Yes, well, living in the bird world as I do, a tit is a species of bird (word orig. Scand.). Somewhere along the line, 'tit' (via Germanic orig.), left "teat" as in  "nipple" to arrive in its present day place as "vulgar slang for a woman's breast" (Oxford dict.).
   Accordingly, it becomes quite okay to use this slang against a body part designed for nurturing offspring (and most probably, did just that for many of those who use the term).
Fuck: Also vulgar slang which has survived since its Germanic origin in the 16th century AD. Definition has been constant, with no surprises. What it refers to, of course, is (test tubes aside), our way of reproducing and surviving as a species.
   It just seems a little curious to me that this very act would be vulgarised.
Cunt: My Oxford dictionary gives two definitions for this word, also Germanic origin, (1) as a woman's genitals and (2) as an unpleasant or stupid person.
   How these two definitions ever became connected by one word, I'm yet to discover, but I'm forced to ask here how many people are actually aware of both definitions?
   This word seems to be used less as a sexually deplorable attachment (by way of my own personal notice), in a country such as America, as opposed to the vulgarity it suggests in, say, Britian. As an Australian, I define the term as extremely offensive when realising the female connection and then, due to the vast numbers of people who use this word, I'm left to ask myself if I'm being over-sensitive or prudish.
   [This is just one more of those interesting societal developments that, when adopted by a growing majority, forces an unsuspecting minority into an indefensible corner.]
   I cannot get past the 'c' word as being used as a blatant misogynist term though, and as with the derogatory abuse of terminology for female breasts, this is, too, a curious adversity of a body part from where life is delivered. Very odd that this should attract vulgarity.
   And when that word is also used by a female, as is now often the case, I wonder if that doesn't hint at just a little self-loathing.
   Whatever the reasons for anyone's usage of any of these words, I stand by my opinions of tolerance or, at times, intolerance, and maintain my own respect for the way we've evolved for reproducing our species.
   Perhaps humour has now covered all known areas there can possibly be to make fun of and we, or rather our previous 'private parts', are now our last targets to aim our derision at.
   Couple this unfortunate state with all the so-called "glam" tattoos and unexplainable body piercings, and ridiculing could be partly justified -- but fingers crossed that the real reason we have those parts isn't totally lost in the low standard of comedic translation.
   In closing, I love humour and I completely admire any of you who can be genuinely funny without having to remove someone's clothing to find something to aim your jokes are truly a dwindling breed.